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Microfiltration/Clean in Place

Depending on the product, the microfiltering system can be equipped with two, three or four housings for the pre-filtering and filtering of the product and completed with the pre filtering of water steam and gas.

Please contact us to discuss how we can create a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

MBF-174 Microfiltration


MBF provide Microfiltration plant for wine, with plant and functions controlled by PLC, with touch screen for operator’s interface. The Inox frame provides a filler connection and supervision by remote PC.


Clean in Place

Automatic Clean in Place is an option available on all Fillers in our range, for which MBF has patented a system for perfect sanitisation of the machine.

The system eliminates the use of dummy bottles with a special small container that, once inserted automatically under the filling valves, carries out the washing of all the taps and allows quick, safe and automatic cleaning.

Thanks to a simple application, automation allows the washing times to be rationalised, generating a report of the operating parameters,eliminating the need for supervision by the operator.

The MBF system, therefore, optimises the washing cycles, allows reduction in non operating times and in the consumption of cleaning products and energy necessary for the sanitisation process. The same container can also be used in a totally automatic way for the operations of product change (draining, rinsing and wine rinsing), avoiding any manual operation and product waste during production changeovers.