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Wm Grant & Sons Select Evolution and R&G

on Wed, 27/06/2012 - 11:50

In partnership with their key suppliers, Evolution Bottling and Packaging Solutions provide quality, innovative equipment to secure the correct solution for any project, creating a proposition that can offer full line or individual machines for all bottling and packaging sectors.

The Evolution BPS product range includes MBF for all types of rinsing, filling and capping machines; PE LABELLERS for all types of labelling machines; TMG for Depalletisers, Palletisers, Case-packing machines and all end of line machinery; Robino and Galandrino for all capsuling and wirehooding machines.

Bringing innovation to their solutions is an important feature of the proposition delivered by all the suppliers working with Evolution BPS, and innovation is at the heart of the Evolution product portfolio.

This is has recently been exemplified by the recent procurement by William Grant and Sons of a Robino & Galandrino Capsule Dispenser and Shrinking Bloc with an Orientator for Tullamore Dew in Clonmel. The innovative machine, capable of production speeds of up to 15,000 bph, delivers orientation via the use of cameras, a technology that can also be applied to other applications. Working with Robino & Galandrinio, Evolution have been able to secure for William Grant’s a bespoke machine that uses cutting edge technology, encompassing an automatic capsule dispenser and fitted with double ventilation shrinking heads and protective heat shields.

Working together since 2005, Evolution BPS represent Robino and Galandrino in the UK and Ireland. Robino and Galandrino supply all types of automatic and semi-automatic capsule application machines and wirehooding machines for sparkling products. Machines of speeds ranging from 10 bottles per minute to 40,000 bottles per hour make Robino & Galandrino a provider that offers solutions to bottling plants whether small or large scale producers.

View the Evolution Product Range.