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William Grant & Sons - EBPS Inspection Systems

on Tue, 07/01/2014 - 11:59

Evolution have recently worked with Logics & Controls to supply two LOGILOOK advanced camera inspection systems, and a LOGILEVEL fill level checking system to whisky producer William Grant & Sons. These machines are inspecting various bottle shapes including flask and book shaped, in both glass and PET. The success of this project has since led to William Grant & Sons endorsing Evolution BPS and Logics & Controls as their preferred supplier for inspection technology. William Grant & Sons have since ordered a further LOGILOOK machine as well as a LOGICLOSURE unit which performs checks on the closure and how it is formed and a LOGIFILLER system which can precisely evaluate the performance of each individual filling valve.

Logics & Controls have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of in-line inspection and control systems for bottling, food, pharmaceutical, perfume and detergent sectors. Their range of systems are suitable for inspection at every stage of the production line starting from empty container inspection, through the fill level check, correct closure check, label application inspection, up to checking the weight of the carton. Logics & Controls products are highly adaptable to the specific requirements of each user and have precision levels that consistently exceed customer's expectations. In addition they are renowned for their capacity to design and develop bespoke checks dedicated to customers specific needs. The Logics & Controls range is extremely user friendly and easy to operate, but where support is needed Evolution BPS will be on hand to deliver UK based technical back up. Additionally users have access to Logics & Controls online support, offering immediate technical advice whenever needed. All the inspection systems can be stand-alone systems and can operate either soft push ejection devices or progressive diverters for gentle movement of the container.

The reliability, precision and ease of use of Logics’ systems has led to the growth of their reputation internationally whereby their technology is employed by premium brands in excess of 50 countries around the world. The Logics range complements the Evolution reputation for provision of innovative solutions, in particular they have identified that the bottling sector has some unique needs that traditional standard cameras only partially solve. The technology employed by Logics & Controls uniquely enhances the camera with a series of special optical units that revolutionise the camera inspection of empty bottles and full bottles. This means, for example, that even for long neck bottles the bottom of the bottle is completely visible for inspection and can identify defects or foreign bodies down to 1mm x 1mm. Additionally, the unique optical technology means Logics offer the only system, LOGILOOK, which can fully inspect label quality using a single camera, not dependent on the bottle’s orientation, therefore directly acquiring the complete bottle exterior in a single image. This exciting technology eliminates the common problem of merging multiple images, capturing all the required detail in a single clear image. LOGILOOK will locate and read bar codes, lot codes, label codes, and other graphical markings, printed in both inkjet and laser down to minute scale. Writing, images, and backgrounds of different colours or tonalities can also be verified precisely. Testament to their premium quality, Logics & Controls technology is extensively adopted in the Champagne sector, demonstrating its suitability for all products that require a high degree of product integrity combined with visual perfection. Accordingly, in addition to the traditional inspection and level control systems, LOGILOOK is increasingly being considered in the UK by premium brands across the drinks sector.

Evolution and Logics & Controls are planning to showcase the LOGILOOK technology in Spring 2014 via a series of live demonstration sessions, to find out more or to note your interest in joining one such session please contact