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P.E. Labellers Universal

Universal is a rotary cold glue labelling machine with fixed label magazine. Various models, with production speed up to 400 bpm, and can be fitted with up to 6 labelling stations.

Several models are available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs

Features / Options

  • Combined labelling, cold glue and self-adhesive on the same labelling machine.
  • For cylindrical and shaped containers (square, oval, etc.);
  • Mixed machine complete with cold glue and self-adhesive labelling stations.
  • Labelling unit suitable to apply foils of any shape.
  • Labelling unit suitable for "L" and "U" seals.
  • Smoothing grippers for "U" seals, with fixed and rotary rubber pad.
  • Hot Melt reinforcement for "L" and "U" seal.
  • Plate rotation through servomotors. One servo-driver for each plate. The plate rotation is controlled by a specific PLC.
  • Highest flexibility for any sort of container and label, with specific programs.