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Rotopaq is a rotative carton packer particularly flexible and compact, planned with rotating central axle controlled by a gearless traction and double pick up heads symmetrically positioned, sliding on caged ball guides. Each pick up head is complete of brushless motors for the vertical movement and grippers suitable to picking up different types and containers and filling into preformed boxes and crates.

Several models available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Features / Options

  • Rotopaq case packer has been designed to comply with T.P.M. philosophy (total preventive maintenance).
  • The special configuration of the pick up heads movement allows simultaneous pick up and deposit of the product and subsequently cut in half the duration of the cycle compared to other standard case packers.
  • Although the working mechanism is rotary the product is picked up and delivered into the carton when it is still. This unique feature make the Rotopaq ideal when packing unstable products.
  • The special pick-up head holder design allows the installation of different pick-up heads without any structural modification. Available pick up heads are vacuum, pression, magnetic, mechanic pliers etc.