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Robino and Galandrino Rekord

Rekord is an automatic rotary wirehooding machine for the automatic dispensing and closing of the metal wirehood onto champagne bottles, for production speeds from 4.000 b/h up to 25.000 b/h.

Features / Options

  • Automatic picking up system and wirehood dispenser.
  • Bottle infeed screw.
  • Multiple-head rotary caroussel for the closing of the wirehoods.
  • Electronic controls for the machine starting and stoppage depending on the flow of bottles prior or after it.
  • All the machine functions are controlled by PLC
  • Inverter located into the centralized electrical panel.
  • Machine frame covered in stainless steel, with side panels in thermoplastic sound proofing material which allow for access to the machines internal gears for set up, cleaning and maintenance. Includes safety guards complying to the CE rules.