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Mini Combi 8

Mini Combi 8

Automatic packing station, projected to work with different types of products in small places.

Several models available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Features / Options

  • The machine automatically extract American type cases from storage, open them, bend lower flap and push them in packing zone under the pick-up device.
  • Through belt conveyors cases reach a retractable platform, after being divided into lots.
  • The machine is supplied with an interchangeable pick-up device, according to product and  lot dimension, and can be equipped with many pick-up devices in order to work with different types of products.
  • When necessary, the pick-up device can be adapted, through simple adjustments, to the new type of product.
  • After product pick-up the motorized platform will slide to allow the lot of product descent, in the case placed under it.
  • After cartoning, the case is evacuated. The process is completely automatic, managed and controlled in each stage through a P.L..C.