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Meta 5

Meta 5

Automatic packer designed to receive and arrange containers arriving from the filling section, pick them up in a desired quantity and format and place them in cartons or crates.

Several models available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Features / Options

  • The pick-up system moves with Sew gearmotor operating with inverter which controls speed during different phases of working cycles and ensures a smooth sinusoidal movement.
  • The lever drive system is designed in order to stand mechanical stress due to hard work loading and it reduces movement maintenance.
  • The work cycle is managed and controlled at every phase by P.L.C.
  • For standard bottles of wine, oil, water and liqueurs, pneumatic “bell” pick-up heads are normally used. These apply, through a membrane, an adjustable pressure to the neck of the bottle to prevent them dropping when they are picked up.
  • For standard wine or beer bottles a single automatically or manually adjustable pick-up head unit for 2x3 and/or 3x4 carton formats can be offered.
  • In the cosmetic, detergent and chemical sectors mechanical pincer pick-up heads are normally used, each pick-up head being designed for each individual type of container.
  • For cans, vacuum or magnetic pick-up heads are used.