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Meta 1 Tete Beche

Meta1 tete bouche

Automatic carton packer suited for arranging and packaging and packing in the required format bottles arriving from a filling line. The bottles are picked up in the desired quantity and placed into cartons in a tete beche configuration.

Several models available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Features / Options

  • The machine is supplied with two different types of pickup head systems.
  • The first system is suited for the traditional bottle packing and consists of a series of “bell” pick-up heads.
  • The second system consists of a series of suction cups, which apply pressure to the bottom of the bottles. After picking them up, this device turns the bottles of 180° and place them inside the cartons head to foot. This occurs thanks to a patented rotation system integrated to the tête bêche pick-up head equipment, which works with the other pick-up head system at the same time.
  • By simply removing the tête bêche pick-up head equipment, the packer is ready for being equipped with a second traditional pick-up head equipment so as to double the production.