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Meet the Team

Colin Clelland, Director
Colin established the business having spent 8 years as a Project Engineer responsible for purchasing production lines for a leading UK drinks firm. In this role he purchased many of the machines he now represents, having recognised the firms who produce them as market leaders.; 01721 724296; 07704 536 600


Mike McCabe, Technical Operations Manager

Mike has extensive experience in various roles in the bottling and packaging industry, most recently as Factory Manager with a leading drinks producer.  Mike joined us in February 2017 to enhance our Technical Support and strengthen our Customer Service team. ; 01721 724 296; 07841 020 742


John Tomlinson, Business Development Manager

John's wealth of Sales experience has been enhancing the Evolution Sales Team since the summer of 2013.; 07738 715313






Vicky Smith, Machine Sales Co-ordinator

Vicky joined the business in 2010, having previously operated for over a decade as a Project Analyst in a large Financial organisation.; 01721 724296



Ewen Patterson, Service Engineer

Ewen joined the business in 2011 to co-ordinate installation and service contracts, providing liaison between supplier engineering teams, our team of contracted engineers and our customers. Ewen has 30 years engineering experience.; 01721 724 296


George Little, Service Engineer

George joined our engineering team in 2017, complementing Ewens skills with his own very extensive experience in the bottling and packaging sector. ; 01721 724 296





John Graham, Apprentice Engineer

John has joined Evolution as our first Engineering Apprentice. John will be receiving detailed training accross our product range as well as achieving College education to complement his practical training. ; 01721 724 296


Jenny Gray, Customer Service Co-ordinator

Jenny joined the team in early 2012 and co-ordinates the key activities of our Service team. Jenny, Lorna and Maria are your contacts for After Sales and Parts Enquiries.; 01721 724 296



Lorna Denham, Customer Service Co-ordinator

Lorna joined us in 2018 to further enhance our Customer Service proposition. Jenny, Lorna and Maria are your contacts for After Sales and Parts Enquiries.; 01721 724296



Maria Oliver, Customer Service Co-ordinator

Maria also joined us in 2018 further strengthening our Customer Service Team. Jenny, Lorna and Maria are your contacts for After Sales and Parts Enquiries.; 01721 724296



Jill Clelland, Finance Manager

Partner in the business, Jill joined the Evolution Team in January 2013 to administer our finance function. ; 01721 724 296



Rachel Finney, Business Administration Co-ordinator

Rachel joined Evolution in 2018 and supports a variety of projects and functions accross the business.; 01721 724296



Susan Brown, Sales & Marketing / HR Support

Susan joined the team in 2011 to provide Sales and Marketing support. Susan has 14 years experience in  Sales Management, Marketing and Advertising. ; 01721 724 296