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Meet the Team

Colin Clelland, Director
Colin established the business having spent 8 years as a Project Engineer responsible for purchasing production lines for a leading UK drinks firm. In this role he purchased many of the machines he now represents, having recognised the firms who produce them as market leaders.; 01721 724296; 07704 536 600


John Tomlinson, Business Development Manager

John's wealth of Sales experience has been enhancing the Evolution Sales Team since the summer of 2013.; 07738 715313




 Norman Bell, Business Development Manager

Norman brings a background in production engineering with a number of well known spirits producers, complementing his Sales experience. Norman joined the team Summer 2016.; 07720 217089



Vicky Smith, Customer Service Manager

Vicky joined the business in 2010, having previously operated for over a decade as a Project Analyst in a large Financial organisation.; 01721 724296



Ewen Patterson, Service Engineer

Ewen joined the business in 2011 to co-ordinate installation and service contracts, providing liaison between supplier engineering teams, our team of contracted engineers and our customers. Ewen has 30 years engineering experience.; 01721 724 296



Ian Greenwood, Service Engineer

Ian has been working with us since 2011 applying his engineering expertise to a variety of installation & maintenance projects. Ian has 26 years experience serving bottling & packaging sectors. ; 01721 724 296



Jenny Gray, Customer Service Co-ordinator

Jenny joined the team in early 2012 and co-ordinates the key activities of our Service team. Jenny and Kateryn are your contacts for After Sales and Parts Enquiries.; 01721 724 296



Kateryn Ronaldson, Customer Service Co-ordinator

Kateryn joined us in 2015 to further enhance our Customer Service proposition. Jenny and Kateryn are your contacts for After Sales and Parts Enquiries.; 01721 724296



Jill Clelland, Accounts & Sales Support

Partner in the business, Jill joined the Evolution Team in January 2013 to administer our finance function and provide office based back up to all our Sales activities. ; 01721 724 296



Susan Brown, Sales & Marketing / HR Support

Susan joined the team in 2011 to provide Sales and Marketing support. Susan has 14 years experience in  Sales Management, Marketing and Advertising. ; 01721 724 296