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Master Non Stop

P.E. Labellers Master Non Stop

Master Non Stop is a rotary or linear labeller for self adhesive labelling of up to six labels on the same container, according to the model. This machine provides 2 labelling stations per label for automatic exchange, production speeds of up to 1000 bpm.

Several models available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs

Features / Options

  • N. 2 labelling stations per each label to be applied with automatic Exchange for each station assembly in case of: roll end, carrier break, missing labels on the roll.
  • Possibility of combined labelling, cold glue and self-adhesive.
  • For cylindrical and shaped containers - square, oval, etc.
  • PLC for the automatic adjustment of the labelling stations and of the head height, plate rotation by means of servo-driver, optical centering for champagne capsules
  • "L" and "U" seal application using hot-melt glue
  • A 5-heads model with up to 3 Self Adhesive stations, for a production speed of 3000 bph.
  • Electronic orientation of champagne capsules:  Photocell with automatic spot reading adjustment according to different colours of capsules and servo-driver for plate rotation, controlled by PLC.