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Kerry Choose Evolution

on Tue, 27/08/2013 - 11:32

Evolution BPS is now fully equipped to apply their very considerable expertise to new sectors including Food Packaging.  This is evidenced in a recent project which has seen Evolution BPS working with P.E LABELLERS to supply an Automatic Rotary Self Adhesive Labeller to renowned food manufacturer Kerry Ingredients and Flavours, part of the Kerry Group Plc.


Leaders in the global food industry, Kerry develop, manufacture and deliver ingredients, flavours and integrated solutions to the food industry worldwide.


The P.E labeller secured for this project is equipped with three self-adhesive labelling stations handling a range of label sizes and positions. The labeller is handling four different PET bottles, one of which has an embossing on the front. The labeller has stepper-driven motor platforms and orientates to the embossed panel using optical sensors.


The P.E LABELLERS brand represents innovative technology and quality in the labelling field, manufacturing machines with exceptional quality, reliability, durability combined with limited operating costs. P.E. satisfy the labelling needs of a variety of sectors ranging from the Soft-drinks to the Food sectors, from Wine to Chemical, from Mineral Water to Pharmaceutical and more, all operating in ever changing markets. PE’s have labelling machinery for all types of label application and at speeds ranging from 2000bph – over 70,000bph. These include in-line as well as rotary machines.

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