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Enus Case Unpackers

Working in association with TMG, we can provide an extensive range of Case Unpackers suitable for the Wine and Beverage sectors. TMG have over 35 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of automated packaging equipment, and with many international brands among their customers TMG are regarded as a market leader in this sector.

We can work with all our suppliers to provide a bespoke solution to your project, please contact us to find out more about the benefits of selecting Evolution Bottling and Packaging Solutions. (click through to contact info and pro forma)


The Enus range of Case Unpackers provide a variety of automatic decraters operated by a side pivoted arm lifting system.

The case unpacker range, Enus is suited for picking up bottles/containers delivered into plastic crates. After the bottles/containers have been removed from the crates, they are discharged on an evacuation table, where they are arranged into rows and conveyed to the following working processes.

Several models available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.


No specialised personnel required. As the software is personalised to the product and the needs of each customer with an operator friendly control panel, use is kept as simple as possible. The operator panel is fitted with an auto diagnostic system with up to 40 signals to resolve quickly and easily any inconvenience which may occur.

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Case Unpackers


ENUS 2-5