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Combibox is a monoblock suitable to satisfy the bag-in-box  manufactures with limited working areas, hygiene problems, no specialized technicians presence, volume flexibility requirements and quick time needs for the format change.

Several models available contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Features / Options

  • Combibox is a compact and solid equipment which includes, in a very limited space, three machines: carton former, bag cartoning and carton sealing.
  • The machine may be completely manufactured with stainless steel for easier cleaning and hygiene maintenance, suitable for food manufacturing environments.
  • The Combibox works with American carton type.
  • It is possible to supply the machine complete with upper and lower sealing of the carton, with a hot melt unit of first quality or two taping units of 50 mm.
  • The bag cartoning is made by a food rubber food belt and a funnel centring device adjustable according to the format, installed on pneumatic cylinders which guide the bags fall into the carton, moving the flaps sideways.