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Working in association with MBF, Robino & Galandrino and P.E.LABELLERS, we can provide a combined solution with the Superboc. Superboc integrates the MBF Monobloc solution of a rinser, filler, cork and/or screwtop corking/capping machine with a capsulating machine and labeller to create a complete and customised line able to offer greater energy and space efficiency compared to traditional lines without compromising quality or innovation.

Superbloc provides control over every single bottle during all production phases, thus ensuring traceability. It allows you to recognise any problems that may arise in every single production phase of the bottle so that any further processing and rejection of the bottle at the exit of the machine are avoided. The guidance system of the bottles avoids contact between the bottles themselves, drastically reducing the noise level of the plant. Operational changes are also simplified through the use of the prong system and automatic universal stars.